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SEC 2010 // The Rivalries: The Egg Bowl (Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss)

OVERALL RECORD: Ole Miss, 60-40-6
LAST 10 GAMES: Ole Miss, 6-4
STREAK: Mississippi State, 1

Ah, the Egg Bowl. It should be noted that this didn't used to be Ole Miss' series. Over the first 23 games, the Western Division Bulldogs went 17-5-1; from 1915 until 1953, Mississippi State lead the series. But the end of the series as a Mississippi State game began in 1947, the Rebels went 14-0-3 over the next 17 games. Since the end of that stretch, Ole Miss has lost just 16 games. (Actually 18, but the Western Division Bulldogs were forced to forfeit a pair of wins because of NCAA sanctions.)

One of Dan Mullen's jobs, of course, is to turn things around. Or at least keep them turning around. The Western Division Bulldogs are on a 9-9 run and have won three of the last five games against the Rebels. And while Ed Orgeron was fired at least in part for being stark-raving mad, he was 1-2 against the Bulldogs and his last Egg Bowl loss was just one day before he was fired. Likewise, Sylvester Croom's departure from Starkville was due in no small part to the 45-0 annihilation that against Ole Miss in 2008.

And in the tradition of SEC rivalries, the game has had its more ... um ... bizarre moments. For example, the so-called Immaculate Deflection helped Ole Miss win in 1983.

Then, the 1999 victory by Mississippi State -- courtesy of your broadcasting team of Mike Tirico, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. Yes, that Lee Corso.

So it's best to watch the Egg Bowl if you can. You never know what you might miss.