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Sprints Didn't Invite Texas During Conference Realignment // 06.24.10

'What? The SEC doesn't want us to join and change the rules so that we get all the money?'
'What? The SEC doesn't want us to join and change the rules so that we get all the money?'

Yeah, Big Ten fans, the SEC really lost because Texas turned the league down
The only problem with that offer? It would have been impossible for Texas to turn the SEC down because the SEC never invited Texas, even though it did invite Oklahoma and A&M. And touting this obviously pro-SEC, after-the-fact propaganda is ... the Oklahoma president?

Boren said the SEC extended offers only to Oklahoma and Texas A&M, both of which opted to stay in a slimmed-down Big 12 after Colorado left for the Pac-10 and Nebraska left for the Big Ten. Because the SEC offer didn’t include two of the Sooners’ key rivals, Oklahoma State and Texas, Boren said he didn’t consider it a good option.

Of course, the Big Ten still insists on calling itself "the Big Ten" despite having had 11 teams for close to 20 years and will likely still call itself "the Big Ten" when it has 12 teams. So it might take a while for their fans to drop this talking point.

In all seriousness, this is good news for those of us who no longer want Texas in the SEC even if the Big XII spins apart. It appears Mike Slive and Co. are thinking the same thing.

Chip Brown denies being megaphone for Texas
He doesn't really use any mush words to do so.

I get that the name of our Web site would lead everyone to believe we were having coffee with [Texas athletic director] DeLoss Dodds and [Texas president] Bill Powers each morning, but I never talked to them once during this whole process. They are still turning down my interview requests to come on the radio now that things have cooled down.

I think I made the people at Texas totally uncomfortable through this whole thing, to be honest. They are incredibly controlling about information, almost paranoid. So the thought that someone at UT would use me to further their agenda is almost laughable.

Well, not laughable. Let's face it; most of Brown's reporting was favorable to Texas. But I'm open to the possibility that direction of the coverage had more to do with the the name of the site than where the information was gathered.

Division II realignment rumors? Yep
It's also about money -- though it's more about saving it than earning it. And it's another strike against the idea of the megaconference; the league that could break apart has 14 teams, and travel is a concern.

What, Phillip Fulmer wasn't available?
Derek Dooley has hired ex-Vol Andre Lott to be Tennessee's Character Education coordinator. No, I'm not making that title up. Apparently, he'll be judged based on the number of arrests or something.

"Hiring Andre to coordinate our VFL program is one of the many steps we have taken to reshape our culture into one that produces not only great players and great teams, but more importantly, greater men," Dooley said in a release. "Andre represents everything it means to be a ‘Vol for Life.’"

So he has a new boss every year?

He could prove his loyalty by donating to a worthy cause
I'd actually like to see the breakdown on this, because I'm pretty sure most Tennessee fans would like to at least pretend they're not this bitter. But you would think Southern Cal would have rented out every billboard in a 10-mile radius after this.

Has he gotten his MVP award yet?
Cart before horse much?

On the eve of the NBA Draft, John Wall has introduced his new shoe with Reebok.

In fairness to Reebok, it's only going to get more expensive from here. Forget I even said that. They offered a player a shoe deal before he's even joined the league.

David Hale leaves the beat
Georgia fans will go from sad to angry when they realize that one of the potential replacements he mentions is Jim Donnan.

Stanford recruiting Greek gods for next upset of Southern Cal
Some things just need to be pointed out. Like this Jim Harbaugh tweet.

I sense opportunity in the air today. I saw the Greek god Kairos racing swiftly across the Stanford field in my dream last night. Be ready!

Kairos is the god of the "fleeting moment" according to the Greeks. No, I have no idea what Harbaugh is talking about. (HT: Blutarsky)