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Sprints Is Searching for Motivation to Cover Anything // 06.23.10

'Remember the Ala -- the Alamo. Yeah, that's it, the Alamo.'
'Remember the Ala -- the Alamo. Yeah, that's it, the Alamo.'

South Carolina slugs way to College World Series semi-winners bracket
The Gamecocks avoid elimination with an 11-4 victory over No. 1 seed Arizona State, which had not lost two games in a row all season until they got to Omaha. Having your first losing streak in a double-elimination championship tournament is not optimal. The game was pretty much over by the time South Carolina scored eight runs in a second inning that featured a three-run home run by Jackie Bradley Jr., followed soon after by a two-run home run by Adrian Morales. A match-up with Clemson seems unlikely with the Tigers leading Oklahoma 6-1; the suspended game will be completed Wednesday.

'Just ignore the dartboard with Nick Saban's face on it'
Urban Meyer talks the motivational tool for 2010. It's, ahem, unclear if the SEC Championship Game upset will be the "rallying cry." Sure.

"We’ll find out, it’s too early to tell," Meyer said when asked if the loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game in December will be what fuels the Gators most. "We’re a little high-schoolish around Florida. We’re always trying to come up with motivational tactics to get 105 guys on the same page. We haven’t hit that point yet, but I’ve had discussions already with coach Marotti (Mickey, strength coach), (Steve) Addazio and some of our coaches on our staff about what’s the direction. Some people overlook that. I think when you’re dealing with 18 to 22 year olds that’s the whole key: what’s going to be the rallying cry?"

If only there were some recent example of a team disappointed by a defeat in the SEC title bout, one that used it the next season as motivation for ...

Oh. Right.

Sanford Stadium gets restoration work
Of course, the restoration of the defense will probably have a lot more to say about Georgia's 2010 season, but it never hurts to spruce things up a bit.

How much does Utah owe Urban Meyer?
He did take the program to new heights -- then again, Kyle Whittingham kept it there. But it's fair to ask if the Utes would be where they are sans Meyer.