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Sprints Is Already Reading Phil Steele's VHT Magazine // 06.02.10

Here in Tallahassee, you can already get Phil Steele's 2010 College Football Preview. It is, as always, "THE BOOK THE EXPERTS CANNOT DO WITHOUT," "THE MOST ACCURATE PRESEASON MAGAZINE THE LAST 11 YEARS!" and, of course, "JAMPACKED WITH INFORMATION." A few things for those who might have to wait for the "official" release date of June 8:

That's all I'm saying for now. BUY!

'Brandon Larrabee' discusses SEC football on radio
Insightful fellow, that one. (Yes, I forgot Jarrett Lee, though I don't think it would have changed the answer to the question at all.) There are some things in there about Mississippi State and some of the other teams that I haven't said yet -- I'm still open to convincing on any team I haven't predicted yet.


He's not going to be the Michigan coach
Nick Saban says he's staying at Alabama -- and he says it pretty unequivocally.

"It's always a difficult decision to leave any place, and it is a decision I am never going to make again," Saban said when asked about coaches moving from one job to another. "I am where I am. If they get a football team at Lake Burton, I might go there. Otherwise, I am where I am."

Actually, I'm inclined to believe Saban -- if for no other reason than, as I've said before, I think the Alabama job is the only one big enough for Saban's ego. Now, if Bobby Petrino were to say the same thing ...

The more I hear of this, the more I think Spurrier is playing head games
Listen, few have been more critical of Stephen Garcia than me; I actually once called for him to be kicked off the team. But he's not this bad. Whether Spurrier is trying to throw up a smokescreen, as some South Carolina fans hope, or just trying to push Garcia is impossible to know. It's just hard to believe at this point that he's not acting just a bit.

He's happy about this
Spurrier has complained about attendance at "voluntary" summer workouts ... well, every year. The first day had 100 percent attendance this year, which seems to be a number at least satisfactory to the Head Ball Coach.

Better idea: Repeal the rule
If you can't play with noise -- whether it's created by human voices or cowbells -- go play in the ACC. It's nice and quiet there; just ask the host of the championship game. 

Clint Boling should be back in 'a matter of weeks'
His ankle surgery was not major, Mark Richt said, which is good news for the Georgia offensive line.


Sure, the Heisman-winning season 'never officially happened.' Details
In a completely unscientific "survey" -- really, just calling up some Heisman voters is not the right way to do this -- The Orange County Register found support for allowing Reggie Bush to keep his trophy. Given the fact that the margin of error on this one appears to be about as large as the difference between the two camps, the best you can probably say is that opinion is divided. Why?

"My feeling is that unless they become specific in changing the rules, you can't lose your Heisman for discoveries made after you've won the award," said Mark Blaudschun, the Boston Globe's longtime national college football writer. "As long as O.J. (Simpson) still has his Heisman, all bets are off."

Yes, because those two situations are totally the same. One allegedly committed a crime -- and was, we should note even if we think it absurd, acquitted -- years after he left college. He did not lose his eligibility, retroactively or otherwise. But that's a great quote, so be proud of yourself, Mr. Blaudschun. (HT: Dr. Saturday)

There is a more relevant example.

I could care less about the Heisman as well. Charles Woodson kept his after he admitted to taking money so it real is a non-issue to me. I realize that just like the BCS title game the fact remains that I still have the memories of that season.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure there was ever a formal NCAA investigation or finding in that case.

This one seems pretty simple to me: If Reggie Bush was ineligible to play, he was ineligible to play. I don't think the award should go to Vince Young (though I still think he should have won it in the first place, but that's neither here nor there), but Bush's numbers as an eligible player in 2005 were: 0 yards rushing, 0 yards receiving, 0 return yards. Not exactly a Heisman-worthy stat line.

Southern Cal will learn about its fate Wednursriday week after next month
Colin Cowherd now says Southern Cal will know about the NCAA decision Wednesday -- that'd be today -- so we'll know today. I might actually believe this; Cowherd's only consistent cheering interest is the bandwagon, so he might be plugged into the Carroll Era Trojans.


Auburn will be Luckie in NCAA regionals?
Sorry. Cory Luckie will start for the Tigers against Jacksonville State.

You got to know when to fold them
Dan Beebe, Big XII commish, on the future of his league:

"I want to talk frankly about whether there’s a date certain that our institutions can commit to the conference so that we know who’s on board as we go forward," Beebe told a news conference.

That's the spirit!

Not that Beebe really has a lot of reasons for optimism, given the Texas AD's statement during the league meetings.

Dodds noted that Texas was not the one that started realignment talk.

"If we need to finish it, we’ll finish it," he said. "We’re going to be a player in whatever happens."

Well, at least the league probably still has a trademark on the Big 8 name.

Texas and A&M almost were invited to the SEC
Whether this is a signal about what might happen in the next wave of expansion is anyone's guess; it's not like the league's short list is a big secret.