Dr. Saturday on Texas A&M to SEC rumors


Already, mainstream media outlets and Chip Brown's Twitter feed have linked Texas A&M to the SEC, and Dr. Saturday's take (relying in part on Brown's finished, pay-walled story) includes two relevant details: 1. The SEC and Texas A&M are trying to get Oklahoma to join as well, which would explain the leaks eschewing interest in ACC teams and confirms that the SEC is really not all that interested in staying at 13 with A&M, regardless of what else might be said. Efforts to get Oklahoma seem like a long-shot at best, but winning A&M and OU over would make the SEC exponentially more attractive to Texas and would probably swing public opinion in the Lone Star State the other way; giving up an annual game with the Aggies is one thing, but moving into a conference sans the Sooners is unthinkable. In the end, though, I think getting Texas A&M will be enough for Mike Slive to call it a day and begin to consider other candidates for the 14th team. 2. The SEC also has political support in Texas in the form of Aggie alum U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, most famous among college football fans for his ridiculous effort to legislate a playoff laudable if somewhat misguided effort to strengthen the game for decades to come. How much does having Texas and A&M in different conferences concern him? "Not a bit." As always, this update should be considered final until we hear something else.