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SEC Expansion: The USS Slive is Beginning to Leak

The SEC that Tony Barnhart said was more locked down that he'd ever seen it is starting to loosen its lips about SEC expansion plans. Joe Schad, Mark Schlabach, and Andy Katz tag-teamed on this story, revealing four points of information:

  1. An SEC athletics director says Texas is the conference's first choice (duh), but that it would consider Texas A&M for access into the state's markets.
  2. Other sources say that an ACC raid is not imminent, and that the SEC doubts it could cherry pick Virginia Tech without taking UVa as well.
  3. Those same sources say that, while Kansas is interested in the SEC, the SEC doesn't want the Jayhawks.
  4. Big 12 sources say the Pac-16 exodus is still the most likely outcome. However, sources inside Oklahoma say that OU is not committed to a Pac-10 move and that as of today, Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is still at least saying he'll look at "all options." That includes keeping the remaining ten Big 12 teams together and looking at expansion from there in the future.

The only other new expansion news out there is that TCU wants to keep Baylor out of the MWC is retaliation for what happened when the SWC imploded. What goes around, comes around.