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MWC Expands: Boise State Jumps From WAC

Someone in Bristol must have read my kvetching about ESPN not being on top of the expansion game (yeah, right), because Joe Schad broke the news that Boise State will go to the MWC today. This one just went official not that long ago. The MWC sounds excited.

Unlike the Colorado's move to the Pac-10, which (for now) would take effect in 2012, the Boise State move will take effect in July, 2011. That will allow the MWC to count Boise State's records from 2008-10 towards itself in the BCS's automatic qualifying formula. You know, assuming the BCS will still exist as presently composed by then.

You may remember that the MWC raised some eyebrows last week when it didn't invite Boise State at the conclusion of its conference meetings. Likely, the conference was holding out some kind of hope of luring Colorado if Baylor got a Pac-10 invite over the Buffaoles. With CU now firmly in the Pac-10, the MWC made its move. The folks at OBNUG seem happy for right now, while Jeremy at MWC Connection is ecstatic

In other expansion news, Nebraska is meeting today at 2:00 PM Eastern to discuss its options. You can watch the Nebraska Board of Regents meeting thanks to an Omaha TV station, or if you can't do that, you can follow a liveblog of it from the Omaha World-Herald.

Also, an Iowa State fan wants in the Big Ten and made a web site to lobby for it to happen. Hey, it worked for the guys...