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Urban Meyer Does Not Have Heart Problems

Urban Meyer is breaking his off season silence at this week's SEC meetings, and he's finally clarified one of the points of his health problems.

The biggest reason why everyone was alarmed in December was the reports of Meyer having "chest pains." That's usually synonymous with "heart problems." Turns out the pains weren't from his heart but from esophageal spasms.

Read this article from the Mayo Clinic for all the details, but the main cause of such spasms is heartburn. Heartburn comes from stress, and stress is what got Meyer into his mess. He's on medication now and is feeling better.

Everyone's got their opinions about what Meyer did in December, but the fact that heart problems weren't in play makes his decision to come back to coaching a lot easier to understand. It boggles my mind that he hasn't let the public know that by now. I know he has wanted privacy through all this, but making sure everyone knew that he didn't have a bum heart seems like the sort of thing he'd want people to know.


Here's the full information from an actual article, as opposed to just a tweet. Apparently it took until late January to diagnose exactly what was going on, so that's why we didn't hear about this particular malady as the situation unfolded (or even at the bowl game).