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Sprints Talks on the Radio After Talking Baseball // 06.01.10

cocknfire Out of Bounds
Well, I'll be on the program anyway for 105.9 The Zone in Mississippi to discuss the Western Division Bulldogs. Tune in if you're in the area, and I believe the link to listen to (more accurately, watch) the show online is here. The time is 8:35 a.m. ET / 7:35 am CT.

NCAA baseball tournament bracket released
We covered this a bit when it was announced, but here are your regional brackets for SEC teams:

Gainesville Auburn Columbia Fayetteville
1 Florida 1 Auburn 1 South Carolina 1 Arkansas
2 Florida Atlantic 2 Clemson 2 Virginia Tech 2 Washington State
3 Oregon State 3 Southern Miss 3 The Citadel 3 Kansas State
4 Bethune-Cookman 4 Jacksonville State 4 Bucknell 4 Grambling
Louisville Charlottesville Atlanta Los Angeles
1 Louisville 1 Virginia 1 Georgia Tech 1 UCLA
2 Vanderbilt 2 Ole Miss 2 Alabama 2 LSU
3 Illinois State 3 St. Johns (NY) 3 Elon 3 UC Irvine
4 St. Louis 4 VCU 4 Mercer 4 Kent State

Be sure to congratulate an LSU fan on his or her frequent flier miles the next time you talk to them. Yeesh.

No real surprises here, though Commodore fans have to be relieved they're not going nearly to Canada for their regionals and Ole Miss is the only long trip outside of the cross-country trek for the Bayou Bengals. Having four regional hosts helps. Florida is the only national seed, meaning that most of the teams will have to travel post-regional barring some sort of baseball apocalypse.

Expansion, basketball seeding and helping Alabama
The SEC leadership meets in Destin to discuss the future.

Lawsuits always make things more interesting
And one could be coming in the Eric Bledsoe investigation. Truzenzuzex and I agree on this much -- though the issue would be tangential to the NCAA (it would likely be focused on who leaked his grades), it could quickly raise questions that few want to have to answer. Fun all around.

Demetrius Jemison leaving Tuscaloosa
Ooh. Basketball news that doesn't involve the noted humanitarian. The Tide forward has decided to move on. Playing time, apparently. But there also don't look to be any hard feelings.

Coach Grant is a great guy. He's going to have that program back to winning in no time. It's just something I wanted to do for myself. ... This is just mostly a personal decision. When I thought about my personal goals that I want to accomplish, I just thought that maybe trying something new and something different would probably be the best for me.

Grant also put out a pleasant statement.

A Star is gone
Alabama's backup quarterback will transfer to Georgia State, where he will be coached by onetime Alabama head coach Bill Curry. And will play Alabama on Nov. 20. REVENGE!!! (Not likely.)