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Sprints Is Ready to Spend a Day Watching the SEC Baseball Tournament // 05.26.10


Check your local listings, then spend the day with us
We'll start the Weekend Open Thread around 9:30 a.m. ET; the games begin around 10:30 a.m. ET. (The 9:30 time that's been floating around is central, seeing as how the tournament is based in Hoover.)

If you live in some parts of SEC country, you'll need to check your local listings to see where the games will actually appear; in Florida, for example, Sun Sports will carry the morning games because SportSouth doesn't exist here. SportSouth is not to be confused with Fox Sports South (FS South) even though SportSouth is indeed owned by Fox. (Confused yet?) Channels also carrying the SportSouth feed, aside from Sun: FS Southwest, FS Houston and -- believe it or not -- FS South in Kentucky. CSS has the afternoon games.

If you live outside of the blackout area, is your place to go. You can see if you live in the blackout area -- which should send you looking for your TV Guide -- at the ESPN3 site here. XM Radio will also work in a pinch if you have that. The SEC's tournament site, which has live stats ideal for the at-work set, is here.

Hunter Morris wins Player of the Year
Congrats to Morris, but just for the record -- that's 181 total bases this season, not 1,818, which would be more than 30 a game. Pretty sure that'd be a record.

Drew Pomeranz named pitcher of the year
This surprise anybody?


Arkansas unveils new uniforms
Arkansas Expats sees them as "solid enough" but has a few issues:

In the critical realm, the color seems a bit off to they mixed a bit of pink in there to water down the cardinal-colored red a bit. Can't say that I'm a fan of that. And, the white patches under the arms seem sort of unnecessary. Lastly, I'd like to see the word 'Arkansas' featured a little more prominently.

Bright side: At least you're not Oregon.

Shh! Don't tell Alabama fans ...
Blutarsky argues that the oversigning trend in the SEC doesn't really have any basis in -- how shall we put this? -- winning. (Yes, I know Houston Nutt recruited the population of a Central American nation last year, but the Senator took that joke.)

Bob Stoops: Don't forget us!
The Oklahoma head coach thinks that a league would love to have his team.

Stoops said Tuesday night he thinks Oklahoma would "be pretty attractive" to any conference, considering its TV appeal, a run of appearances in the Bowl Championship Series and a streak of sellouts at its 85,000-seat stadium.

Yes, who wouldn't want a team that will get to the BCS and lose every year? Wait a minute -- maybe Oklahoma is the team the Big Ten's been targeting, and the Nebraska thing was just an elaborate ruse ...