Could the SEC Title Game Leave Atlanta?


Tony Barnhart painted a picture today where the SEC Championship Game could leave Atlanta in the not too distant future. He bases it off of the AJC's report that the Atlanta Falcons' management wants to replace the Georgia Dome with an open-air stadium. If that comes to pass and the Georgia Dome is torn down, then he thinks the SEC would look for a new locale like Birmingham or the Superdome where weather would be less likely to affect the title game than in Atlanta. I would really hate to see that come to fruition. Atlanta is a great spot for the game and having it indoors is a plus. I have a feeling that absent Atlanta, it'd end up rotating around (like the Big 12 and ACC games do) to some combination of Legion Field, the Superdome, and the NFL stadiums in Florida. The complaining would have no end in that scenario.

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