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Ole Miss to Host Boise State in 2011

Houston Nutt once coached at Boise State. Really. It's hard to remember anything he did before coming to Arkansas, but for one season in 1997, the Nuttster patrolled the sidelines of a not-yet-blue field in Boise. Now for the third time, he's going to face his former school as Ole Miss has scheduled Boise State to open the 2011 season. The Rebels are paying the Broncos $900,000 for the trip.

Since Boise State made the jump to I-A in 1996, BSU has played in SEC territory four times and lost all four games. In 2000 they lost to Nutt's Razorbacks 38-31, in 2001 they lost to Lou Holtz's Gamecocks 32-13, in 2002 they lost to Arkansas again 41-14, and in 2005 they lost to Mark Richt's Bulldogs 48-13.

Overall, Boise State is 15-11 in the Eastern and Central time zones, with just four wins over teams that finished above .500 and none that were over BCS conference schools.