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Sprints Is Watching Vanderbilt; Is Calipari Watching the Door? // 05.10.10

Previews begin today. It's Vanderbilt week here at Team Speed Kills. Sure, that means we think that the Commodores will be the worst team in the league again -- but, hey, at least we're paying attention.

Cal in Chicago?
Tru lists all the reasons he thinks Kentucky head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari will not take the Chicago Bulls job.

Overall, the biggest deterrent to Calipari would have to be his own conscience ...

Uh oh.

Say what?
LSU coach Les Miles on conference expansion:

I think most of college football is looking for a format like we have, to allow for a championship game to elevate position that allows them to play for postseason honors.

Go ahead: Diagram that sentence. I dare you.

More seriously, even Mr. Hat thinks more SEC members would be a bad idea. Which I think is a sign that even he can figure it out, and not a reason for me to begin reconsidering my opinion. I think.

Kramer on expansion
As much as Roy Kramer gets questioned (and rightfully so) for his creation of the BCS, he was responsible for helping solidify the SEC as one of the pre-eminent conferences in the country. He favors a wait-and-see approach:

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said last month that his league was happy with the status quo but would keep its options open as it watched what other leagues did. His predecessor believes there also will be a competitive factor involved, depending on what the Big Ten does, because it would be dangerous for one league to become too big and powerful.

"You've gotta have a serious discussion of expansion if (the Big Ten) goes to 16," Kramer said. "If they go to 14, maybe not. If they only add one, then probably not."

And then we get to the most bizarre idea about conference expansion and the TV rights -- ever.

The ACC could try forming its own network, like the Big Ten, unless it can get a good deal from established networks.

An ACC Network? Have you seen their championship games, which are well attended by empty seats? Were I a cable executive, I think I'd carry C-SPAN 3 instead.

Pac-10, Big 12 decide the Big Ten doesn't have a vision
The two leagues are discussing an "alliance" that would include TV rights and scheduling, but not be a merger. Because there's so much difference.