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Sprints Is Trying to Keep Up With the Athens Police Blotter // 04.05.10

No, not for that incident. No, it's for his third arrest, not either of the first two
To clear a few things up: It's not about the taxi-van ride. And it's not about Montez Robinson's first two arrests. But Montez Robinson, model citizen, has been dismissed from the Georgia football team.

"Montez has not been able to conform to some conditions and stipulations that were placed on him as a result of previous off-field issues," said Richt. "I think this decision is in the best interest of everyone."

Those conditions are believed to include: Don't get arrested again.

Georgia linebacker Montez Robinson was arrested Sunday on a charge of simple misdemeanor domestic battery and was being held without bail while awaiting a bond hearing, according to Athens Clarke County Police. ...

Robinson was previously arrested on simple battery charges stemming from an incident on Oct. 20, then again for second-degree criminal damage after police said he broke taillights on a female Georgia student’s car in November.

In all seriousness, let's hope that Robinson turns his life around.

As for that other incident ...
We could know more today.

"I believe by Monday we'll have all the information needed," Richt said.

Richt did not elaborate. The incident is under investigation by the Athens-Clarke County police.

"There's things I'd like to say about it, but I won't," Richt said.

So: Figure that one out.

The problems with one-and-done -- from someone whose school benefits
Three quotes about the one-and-done rule in basketball that pretty much say it all.

"Every player in every class wants to be a one-and-done," McDonald's All-American Josh Selby said last week. "And I can't lie. I want to be one."[para] Meanwhile, UK President Lee T. Todd Jr. sits uneasy at the head of an educational institution.

"If you don't recruit them, you'll play against them very likely," Todd said of one-and-done players in a recent interview. "It's a system problem, I think."

"It's not the developmental league for the NBA," [LSU head coach Trent] Johnson said of college basketball. "Obviously, you have to recruit (one-and-dones) because that kid can make an impact. No way around it till the powers that be have a different rule."

The sport has to do something about this, because it is making a mockery of the higher education system. Football and baseball's rules make sense, because they at least require a student-athlete to remain eligible for a couple of years. Basketball has no way to address players who are simply keeping themselves in game shape until they have the year needed to go to the NBA.

Burying the lead?
Probably not, but you'll have to scroll down a bit to get to the actual news in this story -- two Kentucky seniors have decided to leave the team. Kyrus Lanxter is the only one you might remember, and even that depends on how closely you watch the Wildcats. Probably nothing. But with a new coach on the sidelines, it's always useful to keep an eye on stories like this.

Congratulations on having the most meaningless regular season in the nation
Your humble correspondent has now officially become someone who hates Duke.

"It's a completely different animal," Krzyzewski said. "And they don't have a system that would allow a smaller school to get into the spotlight with the BCS. They know what the heck they're doing as far as monopoly."

Aside from whether  you believe that college football needs a playoff -- and aside from the Times pointing out that Boise State could very much end up in the national title game next year -- it's pretty arrogant for a coach in one sport to publicly call out the postseason in another sport.

As far as the LA Times' bizarre claim that Krzyzewski's comments (or, for that matter, the man himself) could provide "testimony for any future lawsuits against the Bowl Championship Series" -- that's hard to see, considering he is not an expert in either college football or anti-trust law.