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Les Miles's SEC Conference Call Comments

See this tag to find links to all coach comments from the April SEC coach conference call.

  • The players have a great attitude, and they hit the weight room hard this spring. Youth made for great competition for positions. Everyone was very physical in practice, and things improved across the board. The three new assistant coaches all are fitting in well.
  • Things are looking good on the O-line. He's hoping for big year from Terrance Toliver, but the running backs are in fine order. He's expecting Jordan Jefferson to improve, but Jarrett Lee is still competing and will do well if called upon. Russell Shepard is a full time wide receiver now.
  • He likes the nucleus on defense. He says LSU perhaps has the best cornerback tandem in country. He is pleased with his special teams, especially Josh Jasper.
  • He doesn’t think the SEC needs expansion. Bringing in new teams that would make for a net positive would be difficult. He thinks the Big Ten is going after a conference championship game with all the expansion talk.
  • Teams benefit from a competitive SEC because it makes you battle tested for championship games.
  • Rising coordinator salaries are a factor of the market. He's glad that LSU competes for the best assistants and thinks continuity from coordinators is important for the personal and athletic development of players. People (i.e. coaches) are the most important line item on a school’s budget, even more than facilities.
  • Jefferson has the advantage at quarterback. Both he and Lee are getting better. It’s a healthy competition between them, but Jefferson is the clear No. 1.
  • Shepard will line up mostly as a receiver, but he will also play quarterback and running back.