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Houston Nutt's SEC Conference Call Comments

See this tag to find links to all coach comments from the April SEC coach conference call.

  • They had a very good spring with few injuries. The defensive line set the tone and led the way. He liked how the young guys competed.
  • The team has little depth on offense, especially the line. "We knew this day was coming." A.J. Hawkins stepped up at center and is currently the starter. There was lots of competition for spots in the middle of the line.
  • Raymond Cotton is rehabbing his shoulder right now, but finals coming up make a full evaluation difficult. He's hoping rehab will be enough. An MRI said he has a slightly torn labrum. Rehab with no surgery is looking like best option now, but team doctors will make final call. The rehab is similar to what a baseball pitcher might do.
  • He thought Jevan Snead would go in the 3rd to 5th round based on his individual workouts. The NFL gave him 5th round grade. He advised Snead to come back to school. Turnovers were the biggest factor in his draft day fall. He thinks Snead can still be great quarterback.
  • New co-offensive coordinator Dave Rader has been great for developing young quarterbacks. Mike Markuson deserved the co-OC title; he will coordinate running game. Rader is working more on passing game side. It has been a good fit with them working together.
  • The SEC having won the last four national titles has "definitely" helped on the recruiting trail. When asked about the gap between the top teams and Ole Miss, he gave the stock answer that anyone can beat anyone, so you have to be your best each Saturday.
  • He believes that coordinators "earn every dime." You pay what you can to keep guys in place. He appreciates AD Pete Boone for keeping Tyrone Nix in Oxford.