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Bobby Petrino's SEC Conference Call Comments

See this tag to find links to all coach comments from the April SEC coach conference call.

  • He was happy with spring practice and the spring game. He likes having lots of starters back, but also the fact that the team had lots of competition at all positions. Ryan Mallett made the best of things despite his injury, and he was impressed with Mallett's maturity.
  • Experience should help the defense. He played lots of young guys last two years. The pass rush is better and more physical. The experience in the secondary should allow for mixing up coverages more often. Linebacker is still a question mark.
  • Mallett's biggest area for improvement is footwork, especially not getting feet too wide. Medium range (15-20 yard) passes need improvement; short and long are fine. Receivers need to improve routes for medium range as well. 
  • He thinks Arkansas might have a shot at being elite like Bama/UF of last two years, but others in the league think so too. You can’t out-talent anyone because everyone has good players in this conference.
  • He was disappointed about the recent player arrests and will handle the situation appropriately.
  • Being able to promote new offensive coordinator Garrick McGee from within is good for continuity. He and McGee work well together, and he's confident in him.
  • Jerry Franklin can play both WLB and MLB. He needs to improve in weight room and did well in that regard through the spring. He needs to step up and be the leader of the linebacking corps.
  • There was a "tremendous amount of emphasis" on special teams this spring. The cover teams need to improve. He believes the team will be good at returning kickoffs and punts. Jerious Wright, Cobi Hamilton, and Dennis Johnson are competing for punt return job, and a true freshman might get a shot at the job as well.
  • He has read about conference expansion recently, but he's given no further thought to it.
  • He's "excited" about the transition from addidas to Nike. Recruits care about who a school's apparel sponsor is, and they like Nike.