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Alabama Schedule Situation Still Unchanged

It's been a couple weeks since the epic debates here over whether the SEC should help to change Alabama's schedule so that it wouldn't face as many teams coming off of bye weeks. Currently the Tide is set to play six teams the week following their byes, though in one case (the game versus LSU) Bama will also be coming off its bye week.

Well the conference is still committed to helping reduce that number, but there's a little problem holding it back. The conference decided it was not going to force anyone to move any games. You can see where this is going.

Arkansas and Auburn have already declined to move any games to accommodate the team that is favored to win their division. Moving non-conference games is problematic because the opponents might not have open dates the same week as the SEC schools do.

Somewhere, somehow, an SEC game will probably have to be moved to alleviate the problem with Alabama's schedule. However unless Mike Slive decides to exercise a little administrative authority in the matter, the league will be waiting forever for volunteers to sign up.