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Sprints Hails the New Chief // 04.28.10

Good luck with the new gig.

The NCAA has finally picked a new president to replace the late Myles Brand. It chose University of Washington president Mark Emmert to guide the ship, who was the chancellor of LSU from 1999-2004.

Emmert has quite the job ahead of him. Among his challenges are creating rules regarding graduation rates that actually make sense, helping conferences clean up the travesty that is refereeing in football, and figuring out how the NCAA can stay relevant if the superconference Armageddon comes. Oh yeah, and maybe actually, you know, finishing the investigation of USC sometime before the end of the next decade.

Speaking of USC...

Here's one thing that Pete Carroll actually has been found guilty of: having too many coaches on the staff at once. At least we're 98.7% sure it was him.

It's not as bad as they say.

Aaron Hernandez would like the world to know that he only failed one drug test at Florida, not several as the Boston Globe reported. Just so you know. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post notes that UF administrators have plenty of ways to reduce penalties related to the official substance abuse policy, though they can't wipe a violation from a guy's record.

And yet despite warning signs like that, some guys won't learn.

Two Razorbacks were busted yesterday for smoking the reefer: David Gordon and Hunter Miller.

Kiper speaks uncontroversial truth for once.

Mel the Gelled calls Jevan Snead's decision to go into the draft "mind-boggling." You don't say.

Stripes never looked so good.

The AJ-C has pictures from the Chick-fil-A golf challenge that several coaches and former players are participating in. Steve Spurrier is quite the fashion plate, while Nick Saban apparently struggles with bunker shots.

Just like two friends chatting.

Rece Davis recently interviewed Saban about repeating, the Process, and that sort of thing.

Now we can sleep at night.

The SEC has extended its tie-in with the Bowl through 2013.

In case you missed it.

I don't think we ever linked to a wrapup of Auburn's spring game. In case that's true, here's the War Eagle Reader's nice account of the goings on.