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Sprints Has Expansion on the Mind Again // 04.27.10

Saying something and nothing at once.

Mike Slive did an interview with folks from the Southeast Region of the Associated Press Sports Editors, and of course expansion came up. He largely reiterated the comments he made at last week's BCS meetings:

"We've always been known to be a creative league, be on the cutting edge," Slive said. "We're not going to allow ourselves in any way, shape or form, to be anything less than what we are now."

The only new details (if you can call widely held beliefs "new details") are that the SEC has done a pro/con list about expansion in private, and it has no formal list of potential expansion targets. I still say the SEC doesn't make a change if at all possible because things just work right now.

Going back in time.

When I wrote my post on Texas and the SEC last week, my main source was an article about the last days of the SWC from a San Antonio newspaper. Paul Finebaum went and got the SEC's side of the story from Harvey Schiller, the SEC commissioner who got the expansion ball rolling in the late '80s.

According to Schiller, Texas did want to join the SEC (contrary to the reports I looked at last week) but the Texas State Legislature's insistence on Texas A&M coming too was a deal breaker. There's more interesting tidbits from back then, including stuff about Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida State, Tulane, and Virginia Tech's candidacies for expansion back then.

He's not dead gone yet.

Logan Gray has indeed talked to Mark Richt about transferring, but no final decision has been made. There's no possibility of a Joe Cox-like ending to Gray's career since his NCAA eligibility ends when Aaron Murray's NFL draft eligibility begins. If Gray should leave, then UGA's left only with the redshirt freshman Murray and true freshman Hutson Mason for this fall.

Well that makes sense now.

Throughout the draft process, word kept coming out about character issues with Aaron Hernandez. He had only one two suspensions on his record (first game of 2008; FIU in 2009) for something along the lines of, "he's not ready to play" in Urban Meyer's attempt at sounding both stern and cryptic (mission accomplished!).

Now we know why. Hernandez picked up a marijuana habit in high school following the death of his father, and he kept it up after he got to school. The suspension in '08 was for a failed drug test in February of that year, the only one he failed, but it apparently was a continuing problem nonetheless. Unlike Percy Harvin he passed his Combine drug test, so he won't be in the NFL's substance abuse program. (via Only Gators)

He learned everything he knows from Zach Mettenberger.

Stop me if you've heard this before: Georgia player arrested for underage alcohol possession and having a fake I.D. No, it's not a reprint of the dismissed QB's record. It's walk-on OL Josh Parrish, who we'll likely never hear from again.

It's limo time in the South again.

In case you were wondering, the Tiger Prowl is back on for 2010, baby. The Auburn limo is a-touring the countryside, but this time it's accompanied by a big ol' bus that allowed fans to rub elbows with coaches. If you're a fan of Copperplate Gothic Bold, you'll love the new cruiser's design.

Michigan beats Alabama?

Mark Ingram may have been the first Heisman Trophy winner in Alabama's history, but he belonged to Flint, Michigan first. Hence, the state legislature in that state is mulling a bill that would name the part of I-475 that goes through Flint after him.