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The SEC in Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2010 NFL Draft

More players have been selected from SEC teams than from any other conference, so this could be a bit lengthy. It's a good problem to have.


36. Dexter McCluster to Kansas City

The recent success of shorter skill players (Wes Welker, Darren Sproles, etc.) in the NFL probably paved the way for McCluster to go this high. His combine speed wasn't what some thought it would be, but few play faster in pads.

50. Javier Arenas to Kansas City

The Chiefs are loading up on SEC products, having used three of their four picks on guys from down this way. In Arenas they get a bad dude who will shore up the nickel package and potentially help in the return game.

53. Jermaine Cunningham to New England

Cunningham played strictly defensive end at Florida, but all signs point to him spending time as an outside linebacker in Belichick's 3-4 scheme. He wasn't the most spectacular on the team, but he was consistently good.

54. Carlos Dunlap to Cincinnati

So is this team still reforming itself or not? I can never remember. Dunlap is the prototypical pick for the bad old Bengals: talented, but low motivation and drive. Millions will either crank up his motor or end his career for good.

57. Terrence Cody to Baltimore

The Ravens are the kind of team that you would think of as having a big nose tackle. Cody should be able to fit in that role well if he ever gets in shape. A shape besides "sphere" anyway.

58. Ben Tate to Houston

Tate's buzz around the conference took a hit from the disastrous final year of Tommy Tuberville's regime, but he recovered quite nicely. He should be a solid contributor for the Texans.

59. Montario Hardesty to Cleveland

Hardesty is one of the great stories of the draft. He may not have been picked at all had he come out after the Dave Clawson experiment, but a fantastic senior year later, here he is in the second round.

62. Brandon Spikes to New England

The Urban Meyer-Belichick pipeline strikes again. Spikes' stock fell a lot through the process due to a disastrous Combine showing, but by taking him this early, the Patriots are betting that his game film tells the real story.


67. Myron Lewis to Tampa Bay

Lewis survived the disaster in Nashville last year quite nicely to become a fairly high draft pick.

73. John Jerry to Miami

Despite playing tackle in Oxford, Jerry will move inside to guard in the pros.

75. Major Wright to Chicago

Wright is a big hitter for sure, but his coverage abilities aren't the best. His recovery speed is admirable though.

76. Chad Jones to New York Giants

Jones was a two-sport star in Baton Rouge, but he's all football now after being selected by the Giants.

78. Brandon LaFell to Carolina

The Panthers have been trying to find someone great to go opposite from Steve Smith for years, and now it's LaFell's turn to attempt to be that guy.

83. Corey Peters to Atlanta

After training in Rich Brooks' defenses in Lexington, Peters should become a solid rotation guy for the Falcons.

97. Rennie Curran to Tennessee

Curran should be one of those classic guys who don't jump off the page of Combine stats but who always seems to show up when a tackle is being made.

98. Mike Johnson to Atlanta

Another member of Alabama's outstanding offensive line makes it to the NFL.