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Sprints Would Note That When You Point at Someone, There Are Three Fingers Pointing Back // 04.15.10

Why did we ever think winning a national title would make them impossible to live with?
Alabama fans are getting incredibly defensive about the simple facts, which are: The entire SEC schedule is being thrown into doubt by THEIR school's whining about the fact that the Tide will play so many games against teams who have a bye the previous week. Somehow, simply pointing that out is "boo hoo, Alabama doesn't want to play so many teams with a bye, wah wah." The problem is being fixed for future years. My (mostly joking) point in the Sprints that's referenced in Todd's post was that it's certainly not helping the SEC's case that it's not pro-Alabama by changing several other teams' schedules around to help one team.

I guess my return question to Alabama fans would be this: If your team's so great, what are you so worried about? Just play the games as they're scheduled, and shut up.

That was really too easy
Bruce Pearl looks to have "won" a debate against ESPN's Skip Bayless. This isn't hard -- Bayless has lost debates to Chad Ochocinco -- but the best line was in a discussion about whether the NCAA tournament is better than the NBA playoffs.

"Let me ask you a question. How many bracketologists are there that fill out their NBA brackets?" Pearl countered. "How many guys take off the weekend from work just to watch the opening round?"

Bayless then used one of his classic debate techniques: Trying to prove his point with one anecdote that shows nothing other than there was once a mistake. (His other usual tactic is to give someone a ridiculous nickname and then build a terrible one-liner behind it, at which point Bayless leans back smugly in his chair and acts like he's delivered some undeniable logic bomb. The guest usually sits stunned by the inanity.)

Maybe he didn't knock on wood
April 13, 7:13 p.m.: "Are the Diamond Dogs Getting Better?" -- Dawg Sports

April 14, 11:18 p.m.:

Tech routed Georgia 25-6 at Foley Field, unmercifully pounding a parade of 10 Bulldogs pitchers.

In 348 previous games between the arch-rivals in a series that dates to 1898, Tech's largest margin of victory was 17 runs -- 21-4 in 1998 in Atlanta.

-- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

We should have boycotted until they undo the awful name change
The SEC will send a team to the Game Formerly Known as the Peach Bowl through 2013.