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Didn't We Take Care of This Already? Some Think Meyer's Still Leaving, and Other Spring Games

'Have you made up your mind yet?' 'No.' 'How about now?'
'Have you made up your mind yet?' 'No.' 'How about now?'

Spring games are infamously hard to use to come to any real conclusions about a team -- more on that in a moment -- so sometimes reporters decide to take angles that have less to do with whatever happens on the field and use it to wrap up spring practice as a whole or put together some interesting notes.

Or to reopen a story that most of us assumed was already closed about the future of Urban Meyer.

QUESTION: Steve, can you say for a certainty that Urban is going to be back in the fall?

After a long pause, here's what Addazio said.

ADDAZIO: "I can't even respond to that question, you know what I mean."

MY REPLY: Well, you would be the guy to be the head coach.

ADDAZIO: "Here's what I would say to you. I'm hoping to make it -- I don't get hit by a car when I walk across the street right here. Seriously, I can't even comment on that. I'm just so fired up right now. He's great -- looks good, feels good. I think you just enjoy the heck out of what we're doing and thrilled to death. I can't wait to start the season. I see what you see: energy, passion. I see it all. I'm not worried about anything, OK."

This is either a case of a reporter gone mad or one of the more underreported stories of the weekend -- or, more likely, something in between. But this is the first indication your humble correspondent has seen that there is any doubt at all about Meyer's return. Again, it looks like a beat blogger that just got bored ... until Addazio starts to look evasive about the question.

But there's no reason to do doubt that Meyer is back and hasn't really changed, right?

"I grade the spring game an 'A' and I haven't had many," Meyer said. "We stink as a team, but that's not the intent. The intent is to have a good attitude and a good work ethic and go as hard as you can and try and identify players and and playmakers. I'd give (the spring) an 'A.' I think today was an 'A.'"

Oh boy.

Well, whoever coaches Florida will get a team that no longer has Tim Tebow. For almost any other school in the country, this would be a serious problem, but we are talking about Florida. And Florida has John Brantley.

Brantley finished the day with a new Orange and Blue Debut record, completing 78 percent of his passes (.789), after hitting 15-of-19 Saturday for 201 yards and two touchdowns.

Something that should ease Florida fans' nerves as they wait to see if Meyer will return from his summer spiritual retreat. (For those who don't notice, there's a good bit of skepticism from your humble correspondent about the idea that Meyer won't return.)

GEORGIA | Hoping the defense is really that good
Here's what makes it so hard to read a spring game: Is the Georgia defense that good, or is the (still undetermined) quarterback going to spend most of the season doing his best Rudy Carpenter impression?

Both teams' defenses were able to put pressure on the opposing quarterback, resulting in five sacks for the game.

Richt said there were several more that could have been sacks that the referees let play out.

But at least you've got that whole turnover issue from last year worked out, right?

The first-team defense also produced a pair of turnovers - one fumble recovery and one interception.

"It is different in a G-Day game," Richt said, "you are happy that the defense caused the fumble, not that the offense gave it up."

Well, then, good for them. And while I always discourage anyone from wagering at all, much less on sports -- TAKE THE OVER on Georgia turnovers this season if you must.

SOUTH CAROLINA | Garcia's answer is not to respond at all
Stephen Garcia saw his coach's comments as a challenge and a motivating force going into his spring game. So, how did he respond to Steve Spurrier's criticism?

Despite a spring game set up to favor the offenses - no blitzing and limited coverages - Garcia did not exactly light up Williams-Brice Stadium. Garcia's first pass attempt slipped out of his hand, and he fired several balls that Spurrier said were "too hot to handle."

He completed 8-of-15 passes for 79 yards and one touchdown to help lead the White squad to a 21-17 win. Garcia was intercepted once on a pass that went through the hands of receiver DeMario Bennett.

At this point, you can safely assume Spurrier's first thought was: "You know, this would be a great day for golf, maybe even for two rounds."

And as for that ever-present need to improve the offensive line in Columbia?

Prior to the game, Cunningham was named the team's outstanding blocker, beating out the 10 offensive linemen.

For those who are wondering, James Cunningham is essentially the third-string tight end. But let's look at it like Mark Richt and just conclude that the defensive line is really, really good.

VANDERBILT | Hoping the defense is really that good

You know ... it is Vanderbilt. On the other hand, Vanderbilt's head coach called the offense's showing "inexcusable." Oy.

Vanderbilt's offense was shut out of the end zone for the first 13 series of the Black & Gold football scrimmage.

On the 14th and final possession, fifth-string quarterback Matt Casas tossed a 9-yard strike to wide receiver Tray Herndon for the only touchdown Saturday at Vanderbilt Stadium in front of an estimated 1,500 fans. ...

"Larry is obviously the guy to catch right now," Jordan Rodgers, a junior college transfer, said of the quarterback competition. "I feel like once I get up to speed mentally, I'll have a chance to compete at a better level than I am now. I still feel like I'm a little behind."

It's now official: Vanderbilt has gotten so bad that its own fifth-string quarterback can defeat its actual offense.

The good news for fans? After 2010, it'll only be another 24 years before Vanderbilt goes to its next bowl game.