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NCAA Finally Makes a Renardo Sidney Decision

A quick recap for those of you who haven't followed the never-ending Renardo Sidney saga: Sidney, a McDonald's All-American, was originally set to be a USC Trojan until a report came out that his family took free housing and a loan based on his future earning ability. USC then dropped him immediately since it was already in hot water over Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo. Mississippi State then came into the picture, and Sidney's been in NCAA purgatory ever since.

The decision on his case has finally been made: Sidney is suspended for all of 2009-10, 30 percent of 2010-11, and he must repay $11,800. MSU will appeal of course, but that's the starting point from here on out. For a case that's been delayed so long (because the Sidneys ignored information requests, per the NCAA), it's good to finally get a decision.