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Ole Miss May Have Hope Yet

Ole Miss took care of business last night, pulling away from LSU late to the tune of 72-59. With 11:26 to go, it was a tie ball game at 47-47, and the Rebel lead was just three with about six and a half to go. Ole Miss finished the contest off with a 14-4 run though, and now Andy Kennedy is three-for-four in getting to 20 wins with the school. Chris Warren was the high man for the winning team with 22, while Bo Spencer put in 20 for the losing squad. The losses just don't get any easier for Tiger fans.

Ole Miss, meanwhile, has been working its way up the bubble after looking dead in the water a week ago. Mainly, the Rebels have been benefiting from the cascade of losses from other teams fighting for a tournament spot. Ole Miss is now just the second team out according to SB Nation. It is fifth in line according to ESPN, but that was posted yesterday before first team out Dayton's loss last night.

Beating Arkansas on Saturday won't put Ole Miss in, but losing that one would put them out for sure. The Rebels will still need to collect some SEC tournament wins on top of that unless some serious kind of bubble Armageddon happens between now and Selection Sunday.