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Sprints Is Praying for Shon Coleman ... and Stupid Kentucky Lawmakers // 03.30.10

Let's be serious for a moment
Auburn signee Shon Coleman appears to be recovering from cancer.

Coleman's mother, De Keisha Tunstall, posted this on her Facebook page today: "Shon is getting out today around noon. His latest blood test showed zero cancer in his blood. We won't know about the bone marrow for several weeks. He's taking his chemotherapy treatment like a champ. God is good!!!!"

Everyone in the SEC wishes Coleman well and sends thoughts and prayers his way. Even Alabama fans.

And this is a joke
You would think that passing a measure through the Kentucky Legislature honoring a great Wildcat coach would be an easy sell. Ah, you are not a politician.

The Republican-led Senate on Monday did not concur with the resolution added by the House to Senate Bill 68, which dealt with the selection of school principals.

Hall is a Democrat who sometimes speaks at fund-raisers for Democratic candidates, including Gov. Steve Beshear.

Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, said the Hall measure was not germane to the bill and is not in order to be considered. ...

"We try not to dictate (to) entities like the Hall of Fame. If that is so, maybe the Hall of Fame might be telling us how to run the legislature."

First of all, if this is indeed true, I would like Kentucky lawmakers to tour the country and educate their fellow legislators about the virtue of this. My bet is that it's complete nonsense and hypocrisy, because every legislative body in the country at some point tries "to dictate (to) entities like the Hall of Fame."

From what I can tell by looking into the situation, both parties are guilty during the Kentucky legislative session of trying to tack measures onto unrelated bills in order to kill the original measure or otherwise cause problems. But we're talking about a basketball coach who was a great coach regardless of whether he was a Democrat or Republican.

Every man's dream: Fitting the Heisman Trophy into his marriage proposal pictures

We'll be nice and say that those are tears of joy and not tears that came when she realized that it was her boyfriend and not Tim Tebow who was proposing. (HT: Dr. Saturday)

File that under the "no one, Surprising" category
John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were both named first-team All-Americans by the AP on Monday.