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Sprints Apologizes for Mentioning Urban Meyer's Rant Again // 03.29.10

Meyer: I'm sorry
Are we sure Urban Meyer is completely healthy?

On Saturday, Meyer and Fowler spoke alone at midfield for about 20 minutes. Fowler, who reports on the Florida Gators, said he and Meyer talked about having a working relationship moving forward.

"I won't go into the details of the conversation, but I would say that Urban did apologize," Fowler said. "And I feel like as a work-related conversation it was constructive."

You know, it's times like these that I kind of miss Lane Kiffin. Think of what he could have done with material like this to work with. The fines would flow through the Southeast like waterfalls.


John Calipari will not have to give up a Final Four appearance this year
That's largely because the Kentucky head coach and noted humanitarian's Wildcats won't be in the Final Four after losing to West Virginia. But A Sea Of Blue is optimistic and ... um, very angry at the same time.

Relevance in March. That has been missing around here a long time, and is now back. Don't listen to the pundits who will tell you that the expected loss of many of UK's talented freshman class spells a return to irrelevance, even for one year. Those who espouse that opinion know it is false, and are providing it purely in the hope that some fans of Kentucky basketball will slip into despondency. Ignore them, they are themselves irrelevant and know nothing about college basketball.

Anyone skeptical about that sentiment, just remember: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Tennessee would be fine with a Final Four appearance
Now that they've finally won a Sweet Sixteen game, that is.

The pain itself exists only because of this team, who put us in position to talk about the Final Four with a straight face, and was one point away from experiencing it. We've never been this close before.[para] This team took the next step for this program: the Elite Eight is no longer the goal, but the Final Four.

So, you know, another 71 years and so and they'll make it.


At some point, this is just weird
Guess what happened to Jarrett Lee during LSU's spring game?

No. 1 quarterback Jordan Jefferson completed just 7 of 20 passes for 84 yards for the White team with an interception. No. 2 quarterback Jarrett Lee was 10 of 20 for 114 yards for both teams with an interception that was returned 22 yards for a touchdown by safety Craig Loston of the White team.

Here's the thing about spring games: Is the fact that there were two 100-yard rushers mean LSU's running offense is really good or its defense is really bad?

Safety Julio Jones?
Julio Jones might be a defensive back. If you are alarmed, Nick Saban will stare at you and turn you to stone.

 It's not that he would move from offense. Instead, Saban compared the idea to what he once did with receiver Michael Clayton, who played on both sides of the football for a short time at LSU. ...

As for the possibility of Jones trying defensive back, Saban remarked to reporters, "I know y'all will go crazy on that one."

"We put the guy on kickoff return, you say he might get hurt," Saban said. "He might get hurt playing receiver too. I ain't worried about that. ... The goal is not to move anybody to defense. It's to make sure that we come out of the spring knowing that we have another guy on our team that could play safety if we need him to play."

So why not have him play everywhere? Maybe he can be a good long snapper.

Roll Bama Roll is concerned.

Clearly a move like this would be a short-term, emergency move just in case we had a lot of trouble in the defensive backfield, but even so things like this have to concern you a bit. The mere fact that we are apparently going to try no less than three wide receivers at safety this spring really tells you a lot about the possible dearth of talent we have at free safety (especially if a key injury or two hits).

Maybe Nick Saban should have signed another dozen or so recruits.