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Kentucky's Path Just Got Easier

Kentucky, at least by seeding, is staring down one of the easier roads to the Final Four. The Wildcats got a 16-seed in the first round, of course, and then the 9-seed Wake Forest they got in the second round wasn't really that good of a 9-seed. Now they face 12-seed Cornell in the Sweet 16, although the Big Red is a bit better than your standard 12-seed.

You would figure, looking at things, that West Virginia at least would be the big boss at the end of the regional to provide stiff resistence. Even that is now in doubt to a degree because starting PG Darryl Bryant has broken his foot and is now out for the tourney.

WVU was already a guard-thin team, so this makes things tough. The Mountaineers face a great point guard in Washington's Isaiah Thomas, and should he not knock the two-seed off, John Wall and Eric Bledsoe would be able to do plenty of damage. It really makes you wonder who's going to stand up to the 'Cats before the title game, if at all.