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Sprints Concedes Alabama Fans Know More When It Comes to NCAA Cases // 03.24.10

It's the precedent, stupid, and the NCAA didn't respond to that in upholding the vacation of 21 wins. Except for that part where they did.

"And while we reiterate that the Committee on Infractions must maintain consistency among its decisions over time, we also recognize, as we have noted before, that the Committee on Infractions 'must have latitude in tailoring remedies to the particular circumstances involved in each case.'"

But it's a precedent and must be followed to the letter even when the case is different.

Or, try this line: The violations aren't as bad as the NCAA say they are because, while the players knew they were breaking some rules, they didn't know they were breaking NCAA rules. Really.

In fact, no evidence was ever presented that any of the students knew that they were violating NCAA rules. They knew that they were gaming the University's system, but not that that gaming was impermissible to the NCAA.

Well, at least they didn't try to change the subje--

While it was already becoming more difficult to appeal a CoI decision, this case raises the bar for what an institution will need to show to reach the "abuse of discretion" level. If the NCAA comes down hard on USC, it will be much harder for those penalties to be appealed now that errors like those made in the CoI's decision no longer qualifie as "abuses of discretion."

Okay, so it's clear that only an Auburn fan would think that the NCAA was right on this ruli-- What's that, Capstone Report?

In this case, the NCAA worked cooperatively with the University of Alabama. The penalties were reasonable, and the NCAA deserves praise for it.


Three cheers for student newspapers
Looks like the one at LSU got it right. Which isn't really all that good for the school.

The report, via the school:

LSU discovered potential violations associated with impermissible telephone calls to the student-athlete during the recruitment process, impermissible transportation before and after the student-athlete's arrival at LSU, impermissible housing and reduced-rent at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge in the three months prior to the student-athlete's enrollment at LSU, and the purchase of one meal by a football office student worker.

What it means, via And The Valley Shook.

Since Hicks didn't make the field we wont have to vacate any wins, might lose a scholarship or 2 over this at most. But don't think for a second that we somehow "lucked out" that Hicks never made it to the field. The investigation started back in September.

LSU needs to lighten up. In L.A., this is called "recruiting."

Play Ball!
Scores from Tuesday:

Ole Miss 11, Southern Miss 6
South Carolina 8, Georgia Southern 5 (13)
Vanderbilt 10, Lipscomb 4
Arkansas 3, McNeese State 3
Kentucky 11, Xavier 1
Auburn 10, Samford 3
Tennessee 9, USC Upstate 1

Today: Alabama vs. Auburn, 8 p.m. ET (Nonconference game); Mississippi State vs. Memphis, 7:30 p.m. ET; LSU vs. Louisiana-Lafayette, 7:30 p.m. ET; Ole Miss vs. St. Louis, 7:30 p.m. ET; Georgia vs. Furman, 5 p.m. ET; Vanderbilt vs. Wright State, 7 p.m. ET; Arkansas at McNeese State, 7:30 p.m. ET; Florida vs. Florida Gulf Coast, 6:30 p.m. ET.

Who do you trust more: Todd McShay or Peter King?
Because the latter isn't going with Todd McShay's "not a first rounder or a second rounder" talk.

I now think Tebow's going in the 28 to 45 range, to a team willing to be patient with him at quarterback and maybe to allow him to help the team in other ways immediately. That's how much he helped himself with the aggressive remaking of his throwing motion at his workout Wednesday. ...

And he said he hasn't decided whether to accept the NFL's invitation to attend the draft in New York -- though he sounded like he wouldn't.

"I've got to figure out what will be more fun for me and best for my family," he said. "But I have to say I liked what [Cleveland tackle] Joe Thomas did on the day of the draft a couple of years ago -- he went fishing with his dad."

Give Tebow this -- whatever you think he is as a quarterback, he ain't stupid.

Billy Donovan was absolutely not certainly offered the job at St. Johns's. There's no reason to care.
Why does it matter if he was offered the job if he turned it down?

According to a confidant of Donovan, St. John's wealthy alum Mike Repole -- who built his fortune as co-founder of Vitaminwater maker Glaceau -- represented himself as an advocate for the school and offered the Long Island product a contract in excess of $3 million per year to take the job. ...

"Billy was hugely flatterered about being offered a job with such potential," the confidant said. "But he and his family have something great going on in Gainesville."

For a lifetime supply of Vitaminwater, I'll take the coaching job. But all of this is untrue, according to Florida.

Spokesman Fred Demarest said St. John's never requested permission from Florida to speak with Donovan and never made an official offer.

"Billy Donovan is an honest guy," Athletics Director Jeremy Foley told the Sentinel. "I've worked with him for 14 years. If anything was going on with any opportunity, he would be the first guy to call me."

Unless he was offered and immediately turned it down. Besides, if he's still going to coach at Florida, what does it matter?

Just don't ask him about Iran policy
Interviewing for the Auburn basketball coaching position:

Tony Barbee, UTEP
Bob Martin, Sam Houston State
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

I'm sorry. The last name is the prime minister of Turkey. That's the next basketball story.

Coach Cal now recruiting ... in Turkey?
Don't tell Kentucky head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari he can't go back to Constantinople -- his latest recruit comes from the same country.

Kanter, a Turkish citizen who was born in Zurich, Switzerland, committed to Washington in November. He then changed his mind and reopened the recruiting process. He visited UK during the Senior Day weekend game against Florida. ...

Few doubt Kanter's impressive talents, but there are questions surrounding his eligibility to play college basketball.

Before coming to America late last summer, Kanter played in the Turkish Basketball League and in the Euroleague with players who were paid. Kanter reportedly was not paid.

No! Eligibility questions about a Calipari recruit! Never! (Kentucky fans, enjoy this Final Four appearance. It looks like you'll be giving back the one in 2010-11.)

The Wild Chicken?
This is the year that South Carolina might -- stop me if you've heard this one before -- have a chance to win the SEC East. Also with a completely original joke about what South Carolina might call its Wildcat formation.

South Carolina QB coach G.A. Mangus on the use of a helmet-cam for Stephen Garcia, who threw five interceptions in practice Tuesday.

"And if it's something that we can get something out of, then maybe we'll look at getting a couple of them and putting on them. It didn't seem to bother him while he was throwing them."

I will repeat: HE THREW FIVE INTERCEPTIONS TUESDAY. Then again, this is Stephen Garcia ...

There are $110 polo shirts?
Nyshier Oliver pleads guilty to the shoplifting charge from November.