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Saturday Tournament Open Thread

All right, so after an awesome Thursday, the tournament decided to turn this car around and get back on the right track, young man. We had a 5/12 upset and a pair of 7/10 upsets, but it was fairly quiet other than that despite Wisconsin and Michigan State playing with fire with Wofford and New Mexico State.


Tennessee vs. Ohio - 3:35 ET

Can Tennessee's defense end hot-shooting Ohio's season, or will the Bobcats pull another shocker?

Kentucky vs. Wake Forest - 8:15 ET

Only three 9-seeds have ever won second round games, but one of those wins was over Kentucky. Could the Deacs become another UAB, or will Kentucky put down this challenger as brutally as it did its last?

Handy MMOD Link, Because You Might End Up With a Regional Stinker on TV

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