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Am I A Tournament Team? // Round 6

Welcome to Am I a Tournament Team, the game where you choose who's dancing like Bootsy and whose eyes are crying. Peruse all rounds here.


Player 1 13.6 6.6 3.4
Player 2 12.5 6.3 4.2
Player 3 10.4 5.4 0.7
Player 4 8.8 1.8 2.3
Player 5 8.0 4.0 3.0

  • My best win was over BYU, and after that it's New Mexico State.
  • Don't get me wrong, I still managed to lose to New Mexico State (twice), as well as Utah, Northeastern, Long Beach State and Louisiana Tech.
  • I finished fifth in rebounds and sixth in scoring in my conference.

Am I a tournament team?


I am Utah State and improbably, yes I am a tournament team. Seriously: this teams best three games were a win over BYU, a win over New Mexico State (who's not in the tourney without winning the WAC tournament), and a close loss to St. Mary's. That makes a tournament team? In an incredibly weak year for at-large candidates, yes. Yes it does.