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Am I A Tournament Team? // Round 5

Welcome to Am I a Tournament Team, the game where you choose who's dancing like Bootsy and whose eyes are crying. Peruse all rounds here.


Player 1 14.2 7.1 0.9
Player 2 11.4 6.7 0.8
Player 3 8.6 3.2 0.9
Player 4 7.8 2.2 3.7
Player 5 5.7 1.4 1.9


  • I beat three teams that are currently in the tournament and came within a couple possessions of beating two different 2-seeds.
  • Left out of the chart above is my man who finished fourth in my multi-bid conference in assists.
  • Don't be alarmed by the relatively low scoring totals above; I held my opponent to 65 or fewer points in 19 different games.

Am I a tournament team?


I am Dayton, who was on the bubble for a while but lost six of its last 10 to fall out of contention. It's too bad for the Flyers that the A-10 had a banner year because they had a nice trio of wins with Georgia Tech, Old Dominion, and Xavier. Alas, it was too tough a league and Dayton ended up a 3-seed in the NIT.

Being an Ohio team though, I'm sure the Flyers could find these sad Buckeye fans to commiserate with.