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Am I A Tournament Team? // Round 3

Welcome to Am I a Tournament Team, the game where you choose who's dancing like Bootsy and whose eyes are crying. Peruse all rounds here.


Player 1 22.6 3.1 3.6
Player 2 11.0 3.6 1.4
Player 3 10.3 6.3 0.4
Player 4 9.4 4.3 0.1
Player 5 7.6 2.5 1.2



  • I boast wins over three of the top four teams in my BCS conference.
  • I have the nation's sixth best scorer, who also happens to be the fourth best in the land in steals.
  • One of my starting forwards is second best in the conference in blocks, at just over three a game.

Am I a tournament team?



I am South Carolina (15-15, 6-10), a team with some great high end wins but not nearly enough of the mundane kind to make the tournament. Devan Downey was fantastic for the Gamecocks this year, but an unfortunate, season ending injury to Dominique Archie in November torpedoed this team's March Madness hopes at an infuriatingly early point in the season.