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Am I A Tournament Team? // Round 4

Welcome to Am I a Tournament Team, the game where you choose who's dancing like Bootsy and whose eyes are crying. Peruse all rounds here.


Player 1 15.7 8.5 2.4
Player 2 11.6 3.2 4.8
Player 3 11.0 5.4 1.7
Player 4 10.7 5.2 0.6
Player 5 10.2 7.0 1.6

  • Because of my balance, I don't have a single guy in my conference's top 14 scorers.
  • At 67%, I rank 11th in my conference in free throw shooting.
  • I got swept by bubble dweller Louisville this year.

Am I a tournament team?


I am Syracuse (28-3, 15-3), one of this season's three certified juggernauts and a No. 1 seed in the tournament. Despite not shooting a great percentage from the charity stripe, the Orange do everything else well and appear poised for a deep run in the Big Dance provided they get Arinze Onuaku back healthy.