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Sprints Doesn't Have Much to Say Beyond Congratulating Kentucky Basketball // 03.15.10

The complete SB Nation story of the SEC tournament is here. Your teams that actually made the NCAA tourney are here. Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats, who defeated Mississippi State for the league championship. Kentucky won the basketball title after Alabama wins the football championship. I wonder if that's ever happened before.

Tony Barbee non-denial denies interest in the Auburn job
Jeff Lebo is now gone, and UTEP coach Barbee is taking the usual route.

"I have no thoughts (on the Auburn job)," Barbee told The Birmingham News after the game. "I  haven't heard from Auburn. I have no comment."

Give him a few weeks, though ...

This is actually very low-key for Arkansas fans
One has taken out a newspaper ad calling for other fans to "write your concerns and submit them as soon as possible" about the basketball team.

Bobby Johnson might be the most motivated man in the world
The Vanderbilt coach talks to the Orlando Sentinel.

Lack of success motivates you, especially from change from the year before when we did have so much success. I think that's a great motivator. You also have to show them where we're not going to stay at status quo and we're going to look for better ways to do everything.

Like winning two to five games a year.

How can we miss you when you never really left?
Urban Meyer is back.

"I feel good and I’m ready to go," Meyer said during a brief interview at the Marriott World Center.

I think this story is kind of over now. We can hope.