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Am I a Tournament Team? // Round 2

Welcome to Am I a Tournament Team?, the game where you choose who's dancing like Bootsy and whose eyes are crying. Peruse all rounds here.


Player 1 17.7 8.2 1.7
Player 2 13.9 6.9 2.6
Player 3 9.8 2.7 1.9
Player 4 8.3 1.8 3.4
Player 5 7.5 4.1 0.9


  • I boast wins over three of the top four teams of my BCS conference.
  • I sport the conference's second leading scorer, who is also the fourth best rebounder, and the fifth best guy in field goal percentage.
  • I never lost more than three games in a row.

Am I a tournament team?



I am Georgia (13-16, 5-11), the last place team in the SEC East. Georgia showed definite improvement over last year and Trey Thompkins has been fantastic. The trio of home wins over Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Florida were great, as was the first round SEC Tournament upset of Arkansas. Sadly though, Georgia is not going dancing. It's almost as sad as the tragic hot dog clown.