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SEC Gets Four into March Madness

The prayers were answered, and the SEC had four teams in the field of 65.

Kentucky, as expected, got the second overall seed and is the 1-seed in the East bracket. The Wildcats get ETSU to begin and will play the winner of the Texas-Wake Forest 8/9 game in the second round.

Vanderbilt got the next best spot as a 4-seed in the West facing Murray State. Should the Commodores win, they'd get the winner of the Butler-UTEP 5/12 game in the second round.

Tennessee is next up after getting the 6-seed in the Midwest opposite the San Diego State Burgundys. If the Vols prevail they'll get the winner of the Georgetown-Ohio 4/13 game in the second round.

Florida was the final SEC team in the field as a 10-seed in the West matched up against BYU. If the Gators pull the upset, they'll get the winner of the Kansas State-North Texas 2/15 game. Which is to say, they'd get K-State. The 10-seed seems a bit generous by the committee, since most bracketologists weren't sure the Gators would even get in.

Mississippi State ended up out of the field by a point, having lost the SEC Tournament title to Kentucky earlier today. From the looks of it, a Bulldog win would have given the conference five teams in the Big Dance and pushed out someone like Utah State or UTEP. A top seed in the NIT is likely forthcoming for State, who'll be joined by Ole Miss and most likely Alabama as well in that tournament.