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Saturday Bubble Team Rooting Guide

UPDATE: Winners in italics. It's not looking good.

For today's bubble team rooting guide, I am really only talking about Florida and Mississippi State. Ole Miss: thanks for playing, but your loss to Tennessee yesterday means your bubble has burst.

The ACC and Big Ten tournaments have really thrown some monkey wrenches here. Georgia Tech has solidly played its way in, no one seems interested in beating NC State or Miami, and the Big Ten looks like it's trying to give Illinois and Minnesota all the wins they need. Today's when things get critical, since four conference championships are on the line (Pac-10, MWC, C-USA, WAC) where we really need the tourney locks to win.

All times are Eastern; (!) denotes a conference championship game.

11:30 AM

(!) UTEP over Houston (CBS)

1:30 PM

Duke over Miami (ESPN)

Ohio State over Illinois (CBS)

(!) Temple over Rhode Island

3:00 PM

Vanderbilt over Mississippi State (ABC) - NOTE: Florida fans only, obviously.

3:30 PM

Georgia Tech over NC State (ESPN)

4:00 PM

Purdue over Minnesota (CBS)

6:00 PM

(!) Cal over Washington (CBS)

7:00 PM

(!) UNLV over San Diego State

10:00 PM

(!) Utah State over New Mexico State (ESPN2)