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Friday Bubble Team Rooting Guide

UPDATE: Winners in italics. The bubble situation is getting more precarious thanks to the ACC, Big Ten and MWC.

Yesterday's bubble rooting guide went 11-6, not counting Florida's win over Auburn since that didn't apply to all three SEC bubble teams. You can find out what went on with all the games on that page as it's been updated with the winners indicated. UAB, Memphis, Arizona State, and Cincinnati all fell by the wayside pretty much for good.

Here is today's slate of bubble relevant games, though most of these are just rooting for tournament locks not to spit the bit against teams outside the bracket. Illinois, Rhode Island, Dayton, San Diego State, Minnesota, and Washington are the teams on the bubble you specifically want to lose.

All times are Eastern.

12:00 PM

Duke over Virginia (ESPN2)

Ohio State over Michigan (ESPN)

Temple over St. Bonaventure

1:00 PM

Kentucky over Alabama (SEC Network)

2:00 PM

Wisconsin over Illinois (ESPN)

Virginia Tech over Miami (ESPN2)

2:30 PM

Saint Louis over Rhode Island

3:15 PM

Tennessee over Ole Miss (SEC Network) - NOTE: Only if you're a Florida/Miss State fan

4:00 PM

UTEP over Tulsa (CBS College Sports)

6:30 PM

Purdue over Northwestern

Xavier over Dayton

7:00 PM

Maryland over Georgia Tech (ESPN2)

7:30 PM

Mississippi State over Florida (SEC Network) -- NOTE: Only for Ole Miss/Miss State fans, obviously.

9:00 PM

New Mexico over San Diego State (CBS College Sports)

Michigan State over Minnesota

Cal over UCLA (FSN)

Florida State over NC State (ESPN2)

Richmond over UMass

Utah State over Louisiana Tech

9:45 PM

Vanderbilt over Georgia (SEC Network)

11:30 PM

Stanford over Washington (FSN)