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Thursday Bubble Team Rooting Guide

UPDATE: Winners are in italics.

Yesterday, the Bubble Team Rooting Guide's teams of choice went 5-2. USF and Seton Hall lost, probably putting them out of the field of 64 for good. Marquette held on, Oklahoma State rolled, and Texas advanced. The two unfortunate outcomes were Missouri falling to Nebraska and Cincy upending Louisville. Neither of those outcomes threatens the bubble's structural integrity just yet; as long as someone takes out the 'Huskers and Bearcats before the end, we're still good.

Here's the bubble-relevant games to keep an eye on today if you can. There sure are a lot of 'em as we get into the thick of Championship Week. All times are Eastern.

12:30 PM

Kansas over Texas Tech (ESPN2)

2:00 PM

Wake Forest over Miami (ESPN 360)

3:00 PM

Texas A&M over Nebraska (ESPN 360)

Utah State over Boise State (ESPNU)

3:15 PM

Tennessee over LSU (SEC Network)

3:30 PM

Southern Miss over UAB (CBS College Sports)

5:30 PM

Colorado State over San Diego State (CBS College Sports)

Cal over Oregon (FSN)

7:00 PM

UNC over Georgia Tech (ESPN2)

7:30 PM

Auburn over Florida (SEC Network) -- NOTE: Only if you're an Ole Miss fan

Penn State over Minnesota

9:00 PM

West Virginia over Cincinnati (ESPN)

Clemson over NC State (ESPN 360)

BYU over TCU

9:15 PM

Stanford over Arizona State (FSN)

10:00 PM

UTEP over UCF (CBS College Sports)

11:30 PM

UNLV over Utah (CBS College Sports)

11:40 PM

Oregon State over Washington (FSN)