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Sprints Would Always Want to Win the SEC Basketball Championship // 03.11.10


The Official SB Nation Preview
By some strange guy named "Dave Wunderlich."

Kentucky's first opponent will be 'a team riding a wave of confidence'
But Kentucky's not really trying to win the SEC tournament, so that's okay.

Speaking of
Yes, Kentucky head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari said this.

"We're playing for a seed. That's what we're playing for," Calipari said. "Now, we'd like to win this tournament, but it's not the end-all for us. Our whole goal is that seed, and if we lose our first game, we're not going to be a No. 1 seed. If we win the first and lose the second, then I think we've done enough to get that 1 seed."

Man, these playoffs to determine national championships really are good for a game, aren't they?

It's easy to say you're not worried about your job when you know you're going to lose it
Jeff Lebo says he's not concerned about employment at this moment.

"I'm focused on this team, and I'm focused on the tournament, focused on Florida. That's where all my energy is going right now -- to these kids," Lebo said. "When the season's over, I'll sit down with my AD, and we'll have a conversation. That's it. That's kind of where it is right now."

Of course, it appears the only way Lebo might keep his job is to win the SEC tournament. (Call it the Felton Gambit.) So, he's probably being honest.

- Play Ball!
- Dabo Swinney's Bad Idea
- Tebow Draft News


Play Ball!
South Carolina breaks two program records in a 7-3 win against Valparaiso. That, Arkansas' revenge and Kentucky's first home loss seemed like the only games on a rainy day in the SEC.

Florida 8, Illinois State 0
Ole Miss 10, Austin Peay 2
Arkansas 21, South Dakota State 2
Vanderbilt 9, Tennessee-Martin 1
Evansville 8, Kentucky 4
Mississippi State 9, Western Kentucky 3
Tennessee 8, Middle Tennessee State 6
Alabama 2, Michigan State 2 -- 4 inn -- CANCELED
Auburn vs. Appalachian State -- CANCELED
Georgia at Kennesaw State -- CANCELED
LSU at Northwestern State -- PPD

No games today.

This would be a great idea -- until your starting quarterback blows out a knee
Dabo Swinney wants to play an exhibition game. Really.

"Let's go play Georgia," Swinney said. "Don't you think that could generate some good money with all the Clemson fans and Georgia fans? Let's split the gate down the middle."

And the first injury -- no matter how many rules you put in place, there will be an injury -- will be the last time such a game is played.

Tebow doesn't know what to do with the football in his hands. Now, about that cheap land in Florida ...
Yeah, Tim Tebow's Wonderlic score isn't great. Scores that were: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith and Matt Leinart. How did that work out for them?

Tebow in a Jaguars uniform looking less likely
Really? 55 percent of fans are against it? Tim Tebow's people should find the number of Falcons fans who didn't want to draft Matt Ryan, because I think it would be similar. I was about the only fan who wanted Atlanta to draft him. (No, I didn't see him being this good.)

Wondy Pierre-Louis: No contest
Let's hope we can stop talking about this now.

O my
Da Coach O, he don' gon' out and got him a Twitteh account.