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Tonight's Bubble Team Rooting Guide

Fan of a team on the bubble? Just want to see the SEC with as many teams as possible in the tournament? Here's your rooting guide for today. In general, root for the teams that are already locks (so that Cinderellas don't steal an auto-bid) and root for the tenuous bubble teams to fall.

The one game where it's a judgment call is Notre Dame vs. Seton Hall. Since the Irish are generally seen as in while Seton Hall is on much more shaky ground, I say root for Notre Dame to put the Pirates out for good.


Georgetown over South Florida (ESPN)

2:00 PM

Marquette over St. John's (ESPN)

3:00 PM

Missouri over Nebraska (ESPN 360)

7:00 PM

Notre Dame over Seton Hall (ESPN)

Oklahoma State over Oklahoma (ESPN 360)

9:00 PM

Louisville over Cincinnati (ESPN)

9:30 PM

Texas over Iowa State (ESPN 360)