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Sprints Thinks It Can Win Five National Titles Over the Next Four Years // 02.09.10

You say goodbye ... and so do we
It appears that those of you who were concerned about Florida recruits in the wake of George Edwards' oddly timed decisions to leave Gainesville need not be concerned anymore.

Edwards' 27-day tenure ended Thursday, the day after National Signing Day.

Miami Booker T. Washington DE Lynden Trail, who met Edwards once, said he's talked to numerous recruits in recent days and nobody has mentioned Edwards.

"He didn't seem to fit the mold of a Gators coach," Trail said. "I'm sure he's a great guy, great family guy, but he didn't have the intensity of every other Gators coach when he got here. It doesn't change anything for me. We're all ready to come play anyway."

Why should they be worried? After all, they're so good -- Well, how good are you, Mr. Trail?

"I know we'll bring at least 2-3 national championships," said Trail about the 2010 signing class that ranked atop most recruiting services. "I just feel like we have so much special talent at every position."

And so much modesty, too.

SB Nation Bracketology has five SEC teams
Kentucky makes it as No. 1 seed, with Tennessee (4), Vanderbilt (6), Ole Miss (8) and Florida (10). Mississippi State is the fifth team out, which means it would make it in the new, 483-team field planned for 2010-11. YAY MINDLESS EXPANSION!!!

And you thought Yankees-Red Sox was on all the time ...
Really, all college baseball fans should be thrilled that the SEC's televised schedule of aluminium-aided games has gone from six to 46. [PDF here] So this complaint might seem a little bit minor, but -- LSU much?

Team Games
LSU 16
Ole Miss 13
Florida 11
Alabama 8
Georgia 8
Vanderbilt 8
Tennessee 7
Mississippi State 6
Auburn 5
South Carolina 4
Arkansas 4
Kentucky 2

Sure, LSU is the defending national championship and preseason No. 3 in Baseball America, so the Tigers are going to get more coverage than anyone else. But appearing in more than a third of the televised games? All of this while preseason No. 10 South Carolina and preseason No. 17 Arkansas get four games each, while unranked Alabama and Vanderbilt each have eight? And, granted, Kentucky's usually not very good. But two games scheduled to be televised? Out of 46?

Pespi and brandy?
File this under "National Signing Day, ways not to celebrate."

Police said [South Carolina recruit Victor] Hampton, rated a four-star recruit by, took a small quantity of liquor to school on Friday morning, two days after signing with the Gamecocks.

Darlington principal Pearl Jeffords smelled alcohol on Hampton and found a water bottle in his book bag containing a brown liquid Hampton identified as brandy and Pepsi, according to the incident report.

He couldn't even try to pass it off as Pepsi? And who uses Pepsi as a mixer to begin with?