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Sprints Wonders Why We All Paid So Much Attention to the Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad // 02.08.10

That's it? Your humble correspondent must admit that he actually laughed when the CONTROVERSIAL TIM TEBOW ABORTION SEEK AND DESTROY LIBERALS ad finally aired. I laughed because, well, we all lost our collective minds over this:

So, to review: Groups like NOW gave Focus on the Family free publicity about Tim Tebow being the product of a decision not to have an abortion and ended up seeming like they overreacted more than a bit. And yet, Peyton Manning still made the worst decision of the night.

Yeah, but you stole a coach from Vanderbilt. Georgia has found a new linebackers coach, and it's Vanderbilt's old linebackers coach. This could actually be a good thing.

Who was Bobby Johnson praising two days ago when he announced his best recruiting class ever?

His recruiting coordinator, Warren Belin.

And now Belin, who is also the Commodores' linebackers and special teams coach, is joining Mark Richt's staff as linebackers coach at Georgia.

(HT: Vanderbilt Sports Line)

Dawg Sports is similarly enthusiastic about Belin and the new defensive coaches as a whole.

All three of Coach Richt’s recent staff hires have been light on the sizzle but strong on the steak. That’s fine with me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my fill of sizzle in Sanford Stadium lately. Sizzle is breaking out new uniforms for big games. Steak is wrapping up when you tackle. Sizzle is a long bomb on first down. Steak is establishing the run. Sizzle is a preseason No. 1 ranking. Steak is a postseason No. 1 ranking.

Actually, for Vanderbilt, steak is a Music City Bowl victory. If Belin's results at Athens are as close to expectations as they were at Vanderbilt, this could be a fine hire for the Dawgs.

Renardo Sidney saga finally approaching a conclusion
At least we can hope.

He also wants to count his future shuffleboard wins
Bobby Bowden has lost 12 victories in the FSU academic fraud scandal, but he doesn't really care.

Bowden has insisted that he will count all of his victories, regardless of the vacation penalty. The NCAA's investigation into the academic fraud scandal concluded that neither Bowden nor any other Florida State coach played a role in the misconduct, which involved 61 athletes and three former university employees.

Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach who has won 394 games, is the most victorious coach in major college football history. Bowden, who finished his career five games behind Paterno, is still comfortably in second — 37 games ahead of Amos Alonzo Stagg — without those 12 victories. After the Seminoles won the Gator Bowl against West Virginia, giving Bowden a celebratory sendoff, Bowden made a plea that his 22 victories at South Georgia College count on his coaching record. Bowden coached at South Georgia College from 1956-58.

Sure, Bobby. They'll do that.