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Super Bowl XLIV Links: Where the NFL Steals College Football's Naming Convention


It's time for the Super Bowl, which features the No. 1 team from the National Football Conference playing the No. 1 team from the American Football Conference. Look at those carefully again -- National Football Conference. Sounds vaguely socialist, especially when compared to the AMERICAN Football Conference. (Yeah, the Falcons are in the NFC, but that's for another year.) So Americans will obviously not cheer for the Saints.

In any case, is covering the big infomercial game so we don't have to.

Go here for the SBN-wide open thread. Works the same way our weekend threads here on Team Speed Kills work, only with hopefully more people from all over the sporting Interwebs.

Before the game, you can look at our comprehensive Super Bowl preview. It's up to 59 updates as of this writing, so I think it's about as complete a look at the game as you'll find.

But always check out the team-specific sites. In this case, Stampede Blue has your Colts coverage and Canal Street Chronicles follows the other guys.

Enjoy the game.