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Sprints Wonders If a Meme Is a Meme If Your Coach Repeats It // 02.05.10


Another person echoes mainstream media meme about Georgia's defensive coordinator search
Why can't these anti-Georgia commentators stop talking about how the hiring process hurt the Dawgs? The latest is ... Mark Richt?

"Recruiting is a lot about relationships," Richt said. "Anytime there is some kind of change on your staff for whatever reason, the relationships that had been built throughout this recruiting process were broken. I think the timing of the hire, taking as long as it did, it did put a strain on some of these young men who had committed. We know some guys changed their mind."

That's obviously different. Just because.

Mark Richt should quote Jim Donnan -- really
So says Weiszer.

"I would say our recruiting class is a lot like our year this year. We didn't have the kind of year that I wanted to have, but we still did a lot of good things. We won eight games. That's not good, but ... I'm not going to try to paint a picture that's any different than what it is ... we definitely lost some good players."

Those words could have been uttered by Georgia coach Mark Richt yesterday on national signing day as Georgia's run of signing top 10 rated recruiting classes ended after eight straight seasons.

They actually were spoken by Jim Donnan on Georgia’s signing day in 2000 when Donnan lost some in-state recruits to Georgia Tech and top linemen Sean Young to Tennessee. ...

Who did Donnan sign that year? Guys like David Greene, Sean Jones, Musa Smith, Johnathan Sullivan and Will Thompson, who all were starters on Georgia’s 2002 SEC championship team.


Mississippi State recruited the state better than Southern Miss
Seriously, Dan Mullen is boasting about this.

"Over the last two years, since we've been here, we've signed twice as many players than Southern Miss from the state of Mississippi and three times than the school up north from the state of Mississippi," Mullen said.

Leaving aside how little sense it makes to say "than the school up north" followed by "from the state of Mississippi" when "the school up north" is called Mississippi, out-recruiting a Conference USA team is kind of expected when you're in the SEC, right?

Dooley holds post-recruiting event, doesn't self-immolate
This is progress for Tennessee.


Tee Martin headed to Kentucky
This would be sort of like a Michigan star coaching for Michigan State, I suppose.

Tiger vs. Tiger
Clemson will play Auburn in the Greater Opelika area this year.

Renardo Sidney might play basketball in 2042
That appears to be the takeaway from documents in the case given to Kyle Veazey.

Sixth year for Aairon Savage
The Auburn player's request was granted by the NCAA.