The Best Online Sports Site Ever


I was going to write up a post about how to make the SEC Digital Network's online video better, but now I don't have to. The NCAA Vault of every Sweet 16 game (and Elite Eight, Final Four, and title game) is basically what I had come up with. It's full game video, but there's a play-by-play section where you can click a play to skip to that point in the action. That's the key feature I had hoped to push and was so proud of having thought of. It's exactly what we need for football, and I beg XOS Technologies to incorporate similar functionality. Here's your blueprint, guys. Make it happen. This evening I think I'll watch the Louisville-West Virginia game of 2005, my favorite college basketball game that doesn't include Florida. Words can't express how great this creation is, and I can only hope that it expands down the road. Welcome to the future, everyone.