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Sprints Is More Serious Than It Would Like To Be // 02.18.10

Ask the last team in another looking to repeat a national title how that worked for them
LSU baseball is the favorite to win the SEC by one vote, defeating SEC East front-runner Florida and Arkansas. South Carolina got two votes for East winner and Vanderbilt got one. Everyone else has no hope. What? Oh, yeah. We still have to "play the games" and everything.

And The Valley Shook previews the Tigers' outfield here.

Even with Boy Wonder as the target, this is not cool
Lane Kiffin on leaving Tennessee:

Of note, Kiffin said there were death threats the night it was announced he was leaving for USC. He said his wife, Layla, was home alone when the threatening messages started coming in and that three police officers had to be stationed outside the house. Kiffin said Layla's cell phone and their home address was posted on the Internet.

"I'm OK, you know. It doesn't bother me, but that was kinda tough," Kiffin said.

This is never something that should be done to anyone -- except perhaps genocidal dictators. Even Jim Delany shouldn't get death threats.

Sadly, I can't say I'm surprised or that I think this would be isolated to Tennessee fans. It's the world we live in now, both in sports and generally. Our answer to every disagreement now is to threaten or take part in violence.

When someone from Mississippi says they're embarrassed, you know it's serious
Let me get in one geographical joke now that we're dealing with a second serious item. In this case, it's Mississippi State fans throwing things onto the court after finding out to no one's real surprise that their team is not as good as Kentucky when the guys in black and white are helping.

Addressing the items that were thrown onto the Humphrey Coliseum floor Tuesday night in a letter to fans today, Mississippi State athletic director Greg Byrne wrote that "because of the actions of a few, we embarrassed ourselves on national television and damaged the university’s name."

Byrne asked fans who saw anyone throw items onto the floor in the final minute of Tuesday night’s State loss to Kentucky to e-mail him. On that incident and the alleged texts and phone calls to Kentucky forward DeMarcus Cousins in the days leading up to the game, Byrne said "we will do our best to track down those individuals responsible and take appropriate disciplinary measures, which could include denial of future ticket privileges."

That should have a lot of productive results. [/sarcasm]

Chris Rainey gone, replaced by Percy Harvin
Actually, it's just a different Chris Rainey.

"He's really grown up a lot from a maturity standpoint, the decisions he's making off the field. He's trying to stand up and be a man about handling his business, he's trying to be accountable off the football field. One of the first things he said to me when I talked to him is, 'I'm not the same Chris Rainey.' "

That's Stan Drayton talking about Rainey, who will now move to the "Percy Harvin role" in the Florida offense. It's a little known fact that all the positions on the Florida depth chart are given as names -- in addition to the "Percy Harvin role," there's the "Tim Tebow role" (QB) and the "Moe role" (LB).