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Sprints Sincerely Hopes This Is the Last Tebow-Abortion Post // 02.17.10

Tebow commercial encountered message fail
That's the conclusion of The Barna Group.

"While millions of Americans watched the commercial, many viewers expressed confusion regarding the commercial’s meaning and sponsor," Barna concluded in its analysis. "In this respect, even if Focus simply were trying to reach a wider audience of pro-life Christians through the power of the NFL’s super-sized audience, most viewers never made the connection to the Focus organization."

One percent thought the ad "stressed the importance of good healthcare." (Um, that's the other party's issue.) Worse: Six percent rethought their position on abortion.

Mississippi State learns from LSU
And DeMarcus Cousins is the latest target of a cell-phone campaign.

Play Ball!
A few previews: Anchor of Gold on the Vanderbilt infield, And The Valley Shook on the LSU infield, Red Cup Rebellion on Ole Miss' pitching (with links to other posts) and RazorBloggers on Arkansas.