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Sprints Isn't Taking a Leave of Absence Right Now -- and Doubts Urban Meyer Is // 02.15.10

Urban Meyer's leave of absence has begun. No, really. He means it.
It has -- ahem -- actually started. Urban Meyer has -- excuse me -- really and truly -- hehe -- begun his long-awaited -- HAHAHAHA -- leave of absence. Sorry. Meant to say that with a straight face.

Coach Urban Meyer was supposed to leave his office and start his leave of absence on Feb. 4, the day after National Signing Day. We all know that didn’t happen. Once defensive coordinator George Edwards bolted for the Buffalo Bills last week, Meyer spent the next eight days firming up a new defensive leader.

Interim coach Steve Addazio was publicly considered the point man on the deal to hire Teryl Austin, but this was very much a Meyer hire. He was heavily involved every step of the way.

After Austin’s hire became official Friday, it appears Meyer has finally begun the detachment process.

Anybody want to start a pool on when he'll be back? I'll take Wednesday.

Did every staff member in the SEC once work at Central Florida?
It appears that recruiting -- ahem -- issues at the University of Central Florida could reflect on some SEC teams.

One of those involved is Tennessee intern Steve Rubio, who seems to be following in the footsteps of the man who hired him -- Boy Wonder.

The NCAA handed him a two-week suspension for his role in the problems at Central Florida, which included 209 improper phone calls and approximately 100 text messages to recruits or their parents during a period from June 2007 to January 2009 between Rubio and another staff member. Since Rubio wasn’t a member of the coaching staff, he would not have been allowed to make any phone contact with a recruit, and text messages have been banned since August 2007.

Yes, Rubio was responsible for dozens -- perhaps hundreds -- of illegal calls and messages. And his punishment is two weeks. This is the NCAA, though, so don't let them catch you dancing in the end zone.

And about that other staff member? Oh, yeah, he works for some school to the south of Knoxville -- Alabama. That would be director of player personnel Ed Marynowitz. Alabama reportedly "took 'immediate action,'" which with Nick Saban could be anything from an icy glare to working in the salt mines for a couple of weeks.

Could Coach Cal leave Kentucky?
Truzenzuzex looks at the rumors that head coach and noted humanitarian John Calipari might go to the Nets -- and can't rule it out.

I have no idea what Calipari will do, probably because he has been here such a short time. But trust me -- it does not take a leap of logic to believe that Calipari might want to prove to the NBA that he can coach there, too.

Heck, if I had a chance to get John Wall and LeBron James on the same team, I'd be fairly confident I could win basketball games in the NBA.